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Eximtrack Soft Solutions offers a broad range of complete, consolidated products and services creating powerful business solutions for our clients around the world. Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s approach has been an integrated partnership with its clients across disciplines, helping us to plan, synergise and extend service levels with better clarity and purpose. This translates into streamlined process systems and increasing financial benefits in the long run to all the stake holders.

What We Are

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Increasing stepping up of technology and high information concentration needs an equivalent talent height to keep up with the change. Eximtrack Soft Solutions utilizes transformational tools, modules, networks and solutions to allow the width of the talent base. Mark learning suites, domestic programs and role-ready skill development are designed to convert prospects into highly skilled professionals with all the right skill-sets and accreditations.


Technical growth presents an opportunity to create active, significant and interesting relations between people and technology through the operation of realistic and transformative solutions. Our interest is to engineer new technology-built solutions, drive change on a daily basis and accordingly facilitate higher efficiency, productivity and familiarities.


Healthcare is viewing an unprecedented reorientation in information and technology based service supply. The proliferation of data-rich environs and network centric services has created newer openings. These provide healthcare businesses with greater access, interactivity and productivity while reducing the bionetwork complexity thus making possible a more personal user experience.

Eximtrack Outsourcing

We partner with you to directly translate IT investments into business benefit—carrying our deep industry knowledge, intelligent insights and useful innovations to help you scale, flex and answer more quickly to your business experiments—and opportunities. We will make your application selection tomorrow-proof and an engine for business growth together.. Steadied applications and reduced costs from 20 to 50% of your Investment , optimized processes and exploited business value.

Our clients have been partners to us. We at Eximtrack Soft Solutions have had the benefit of engaging ourselves with Fortune 1000 companies to start ups. Our job well done is when we see the client completely satisfied. Believing in the philosophy of “Take care of your customers or your competitors will”, we offer the best of possible services to our clients at the most affordable prices for today and the future.

Our credibility is highlighted from the fact that most of the customers who have engaged with us have been taking our services for the last so many years.

Digitally empowered customers are greatly influencing the way retailer’s carry out their business and managing interactions with well-informed customers is the biggest challenge that every retailer is facing. To increase their revenues they will need to move closer to their customers by adopting Customer Centricity and redirect their promotional efforts to suit the customer’s needs and preferences. Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s CMO’s Workbench assumes a customer centric approach to uncover customer spending patterns, segment them into identifiable groups and at the same time quantify effects of various marketing efforts, Promotions and campaigns to drive value and justify the dollars spent on the various launch vehicles. Eximtrack Soft Solutions’s CMO’s Workbench helps retailers approach their marketing mix differently by uncovering consumer spend patterns and segmenting customers to re-direct marketing effort and spend that can be quantified. With unique analytical insight about your customers and prospects, the intelligence can be aligned around customers to build competitive advantage.
Search process at Eximtrack Soft Solutions is a very process oriented task. We first develop a description of the position required. After which, a segment of the relevant companies is created. This done, our team conducts intense research of the profile of candidates. This done, we help in fine tuning the candidates with their skills and then present the candidates for the interview. With this done, the candidate is offered a job in which he/she excels. We also strictly take note of their performance by regularly doing a follow up with the companies they have been placed. Eximtrack Soft Solutions, in short, looks in providing an end-to-end solution in recruitment consulting.

Our Services

Development at Eximtrack

Eximtrack Soft Solutions offers a broad range of complete, consolidated products and services creating powerful business solutions for our clients around the world.

Clear Solutions

Technology innovation is driving rapid changes in the embedded software space, where sophisticated features are built into increasingly small hardware and complex software designs.

IT Staffing

Search process at is a very process oriented task. We first develop a description of the position required. After which, a segment of the relevant companies is created.This done, our team conducts intense research of candidates.

Digital Media

Unique delivery systems are a combination of customized, need-based onshore and offshore models, delivering value that has earned us a 100% growth every year since our inception.

Cloud Services

Cloud Computing. It’s much more than applications on the internet, SaaS or virtualized data centers. Eximtrack Soft Solutons has been advising clients, architecting products and delivering solutions.


Our consultants develop plans based on your corporate strategy that fundamentally improve your company’s business processes.Our consultants deliver action plans that will effectively support your company’s Goals.



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